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We love and miss you sweetie

Memorial created 07-19-2009 by
Geordyn Ross Sardam Mercado
December 12 2008 - July 17 2009


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This online memorial was created in loving memory of Geordyn Mercado, whose life story is told throughout this memorial website. Please sign Geordyn's guest book and let us know you came to visit. We will remember Geordyn forever. He is a Beautiful angel that was sent to us. We loved every minute we had with him. He had a smile that lit up his whole face. We miss him dearly and cherish the memories the we have with our handsome.


This Awareness Video is not about my son but states true Facts about CHD'S. We all need to be aware of the #1 Defect.





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Geordyn you are missed. Mommy Daddy and Sissy along with Grammie Grandpa Uncle Vince and Uncle Bubba Love you and always will have you in our hearts.We are blessed to have been able to have you and will always cherish the moments we spent together. We know you are now able to enjoy being free and living life in heaven to the fullest. Love you my handsome.

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For all that didn't get to be blessed by knowing Geordyn He was born with Hypoplastic Left Heart syndrome. It is a congenital heart defect where the left side of the heart does not develop. He was truely an amazing little man who jumped through many hoops. We found out when I was 23 weeks pregnant that he had a heart defect. At first I thought it wasn't that bad but when I called my mom to explain it to her it registered. This was a huge change for us. And thats when I cried my eyes out. Geordyn was named after his grandpa(George) and grandma(diane) so that is how we got the spelling of his name. He was born on December 12,2008. When I heard his cry I knew he was such a strong boy. I got to see him and then he was sent off to Seattle Childrens hospital.  He had his first Heart surgery at 1 week old on Dec. 19,2008. He recovered nicely from that and was released from the hospital On Jan 4th 2009.  He came home with a feeding tube but 3 days later he no longer needed it.

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He was doing great and just enjoying being a baby. Sissy loved to feed him and help mommy out.Then April, 14,2009 he started acting fussy and just not being his normal happy self. He wasn't eating either so I took him to the ER.They took him in right away because his cardiologist called and told them of his heart condition. We then found out after a spinal tap the he had Bacterial Meningitis. He suffered a seizure that night. The next day he was life flighted to Seattle Childrens hospital. He stayed for 3 weeks but did recover nicely. He went home on a feeding tube but was high in spirits. Even though he was better he had vomitting issues where he was vomitting 4 times a day.

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He was home for 2 weeks and then re admitted to the hospital with an unknown infection. It caused his organs to go into shock. They told me they didn't think he was going to make it because his liver was failing and he would not be eligible for transplant because of his heart condition. A few days later his liver enzymes started to come down. He was improving day by day but there was no reversing the damage his half of heart took. We were informed Geordyn was in need of a heart transplant. We went ahead and started the process of getting him listed. They tried twice to take him off the ventilator but his heart could not handle the job. He then developed another infection which they caught quick and treated. A week later his little tummy was getting distended and he wasn't peeing much. They did xrays and thought he may have an intestinal infection. They put him on antibiotics right away just in case. Then the next day he improved. His tummy was soft and he was peeing a ton. Ultimately He was overpowered by whatever infection was going on and his little body decided it had fought too long. We miss him every minute of every day and know he will always surround us. We Love you baby.

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Geordyn fought through a heart surgery, Organ failure, strokes, Meningitis, and still had an amazing spirit about him. I am so proud to say I am his Mommy. He is my little fighter. He did everything he could to pull through. He taught me a strength I never knew I had in me. We love you sweetie and thank you for being a part of our lives. We dread everyday without you but also find joy in your Sissy who misses and talks about you all the time.

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I still have that day burned into my memory. The day we never believed would come. 2:00 in the morning we get a call from the hospital saying your heart stopped and to come. I rushed over to find the Dr. waiting. He said they had been performing chest compressions for 20 minutes and I broke down because I knew this was your last day here on earth. They tried to revive you but 10 minutes later at 2:30 they told me there was nothing more they could do. That moment I felt my heart break away. It was a feeling I never felt before. I was partially empty. They got you off the ventilator and wrapped you in a blanket and took you into a room that was empty so that we could hold you and say our goodbyes. Me and Daddy held you for hours and didn't want to let go but finally we did around 7am. I remember walking the empty halls realizing the place we have called home is no longer going to part of our lives. I felt so lost. I could never imagine my life without my baby boy. I cried when we had to leave to go home because I felt as though I was leaving you alone. I love you and miss you handsome.


The day we brought you home again was a bitter sweet day. I at least had you but not the way I wanted. We keep some of your favorite things inside your urn along with your Binky.

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Sissy misses you sweetie. She talks about you all the time and likes to come on here and see you. She still at times believes you are still in the hospital but then other times she says you are in our hearts. Sometimes she comes up to mommy and pats my chest saying she is patting you in my heart. Oh my handsome we love and miss you so much. Sometimes it's still hard to believe you are gone and sometimes I just can't understand why God had to take my innocent little boy. I wish I could of held you more in that last two months that you were here but at least I was able to at times.

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We recieved a call from one of Geordyns Dr's with the autopsy report. They said basically his Aorta was too small and was not providing enough blood flow back to his heart. They said he had been suffering heart attacks his entire little life. And eventually the heart muscle gave out. So they found the distended tummy was due to inflamed intestines and inflamed liver which was due to the heart failure.


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